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29 March 2010 @ 06:07 pm
I've been knackered from work the last couple of weeks. Had a films change over that put my routine out and since then I've been training one of the Ushers on projection because my wing man is leaving. The manager is leaving as well (they are a couple), so everything will completely change in a few weeks.

Outside work I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut. Socially I defiantly am. But I can accept that. I just don't have any friends who live here or a foot hold to make any. I need to use my days off more productively than I do and make the most of living here, while I can.

24. C.R.A.Z.Y
25. Cinema Paradiso
26. The Hurt Locker
27. Alice In Wonderland
28. Green Zone
29. The Lovely Bones
30. Nim's Island
31. Hostel 2
32. Bananas
33. Shutter Island
34. I Love You Phillip Morris
35. Catch 22
36. Day Zero
22 February 2010 @ 05:07 pm
I've had a long week at work. It's half term, so we do long weekend hours all week and it was my six days in a row week. Today is day five and I've had cabin fever all day. I felt like I hadn't been home at night when I came in this morning. I'm not supposed to leave the building when the projectors are running so I literally haven't been outside apart from traveling to and from work every day. But if I've gotta spend all week somewhere, this is the place I'd want to be.

I went to London last week to see Catherine and Gary, which was good. Going to try and do it once a month, otherwise we don't see one another for months before you realise how long it's been. Next week I'm going to Cornwall to see Mim, which is pretty exciting. A whole week off work will be bizarre. As will seeing Mim after almost two years. I will hopefully get some new yarn as well. I'm doing my first piece of circular knitting and I've mastered it pretty well. It took about five re-starts but it's half way done now. I can't wait till I can knit mittens and socks.

100 Films in 2010

12. Youth In Revolt
I enjoyed this but it was nothing special. Defiantly too much mostly naked Michael Cera.

13. A Prophet
This was very intense for the first 40 minutes but less so after the protagonist completes the first task set to him. There were a couple of really beautiful moments when he went on a plane for the first time and put his feet into the ocean. Reminded me of flying around Australia and visiting the beaches.

14. Up In The Air
I found this was trying to be two things at once and it worked on each level but not on merging them into one narrative. The birds eye shots of the Cities were beautiful.

15. The Wolfman
This was a bit of a hot mess. The CGI was awful and clashed with the old fashioned make up. They should have used one or the other, preferably the prosthetics.I thought the action scenes were handled statically and were boring,

16. Hostel
I really enjoyed this. It was a lot subtler than I thought it would be, which worked well. Gratuitous gore is never as horrific as suggestion.

17. The Accused
I read about this film a lot when I was in University so I watched it in the knowledge of what happened. I liked that Sarah was victimized as little as possible and the rape was not shown until almost the end of the film. It let me form an opinion on the events myself and I felt the films message was ambiguous and not forced, which suited the subject material.

18. Mission To Mars
I caught this while getting ready for work one morning so didn't watch religiously. I liked the idea of earth being populated by a previously destroyed planet but the film was too sentimental to hold the idea for long.

19. Cube
I enjoyed watching this as the idea was compelling and kept interesting throughout but the characters were awful.

20.Mulholland Dr.
An expert example of constant tone. I really enjoyed the final act.

21.Reality Bites
This was a pretty average 90's drama/ anti-rom-com until the final act. The camcorder sections were kinda awesome.

22.The 39 Steps
I really enjoyed this. The lighting and depth in the Scottish Moor scenes was beautiful. I completely missed Hitchcock's cameo.

23.My Neighbor Totoro
This is such a sweet film. Beautiful characters and music. Totoro was wonderfully expressive and realistic for a fantasy creature.
08 February 2010 @ 12:21 pm
This week at work was good. We had a staff screening of Princess and the Frog with my bosses Grandchildren and Nieces. On Saturday I finished my Dad's scarf and worked out I'd drank 12 cups of tea. Knitting is thirsty work. I was going to try some socks next with circular needles but all the patterns I look at are fiddly and complicated. So I think I will try a hat on circulars and get used to them first. I did quite want to make some socks to wear with my wellys though.

100 Films in 2010:

7. Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll
I really enjoy thinking about this film after seeing it, but at the time it felt very long and misguided. The first 30 minutes are spectacular but it really looses momentum after that. Goes without saying but great music.

8. It's Complicated
I blatantly went to see this to stare at Meryl for 120 minutes. Nice croissant making bit I enjoyed and Alec Baldwin without a shirt reminded me of a long weekend in Dunedin, which was the comical highlight - oh, and John Krasinski in ladies PJ's.

9. Cabin Fever
I watched this with my brother because he said it was funny. It wasn't. But it's genuinely creepy and quite horrific in the way it looks at contagious disease and quarantine.

10. The Princess and The Frog
Gorgeous songs and animation. I can't wait to project this again in the school half term. I'm really pleased Disney made another film that looks and sounds likes this.

11. Say Anything
Perfect Sunday afternoon film. Well paced, genuine, funny. I love watched John Cusack in this. We both do the shaking in the car thing.
31 January 2010 @ 04:39 pm
Work has been chaotic this month to say the least. First there was Avatar intermission saga because our spools are too small to hold the whole film print. At first it was okay but once you are down to 25 people a screening it becomes a lot of effort. Then there was Screen 2 and the mysterious mangling incident which even the engineer of 50 years was baffled by. Two days after this was sorted the sound in that screen, which has been periodically screw balling about for months, finally went. I had to wait 5 days and 2 separate visits from the engineer until it was fixed. Being head projectionist this is stressful and heartbreaking and frustrating because I am too inexperienced to have a clue how to fix it. All has been well for a week and I am a very happy projectionist at the moment. For me, the meaning of job satisfaction is projecting Up to a screen of giggly, happy kids.

100 Films in 2010:

1. Nowhere Boy
I loved the music in this, although none of it is Beatles. Aaron Johnson is absolutley flawless. There were some beautiful shots of the sea.
2. Inglourious Basterds
Love, love, love this. I've watched it five times in a couple of weeks. I'm gutted I missed it at the cinema. I found it hilarious, brutal and an emotionally honest retrospective on the time period.
3. Sherlock Holmes
RDJ it goes without saying is perfection. Perfect casting between him and Jude Law. Great music. Always catch myself watching little bits of this at work even after five weeks of play.
4. The Book of Eli
I thought this was really well paced but ultimately quite dull and plain.
5. Brothers
I enjoyed it at the time but wouldn't watch again. Jake Gyllenhaal was underused and Tobey Maguire was overacting.
6. 24 Hour Party People
Absolutely not what I was expecting but all the better for it. Loved Paddy Constantine constantly trying to batter Steve Coogan because he spent all their money on a shit table.

I also attempted to watch Astro Boy but gave up due to sheer boredom.
15 January 2010 @ 11:23 am
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